Kate`s SLT: Speech and Language Therapy Service

A Speech and language therapy service for Individuals with communication difficulties.

Kate`s SLT: Speech and Language Therapy Service


I provide assessment and treatments for Children and adolescents presenting with a variety of communication difficulties.

SLT services for children and adolescents

  • Speech Assessment
  • Language assessment
  • Diagnosis of speech/ language delay/ disorder where appropriate
  • Review of social interaction skills
  • Voice assessment and therapy (helpful strategies for hoarseness)
  • 1:1 intervention sessions
  • *Group therapy where appropriate
  • *Lego therapy
  • Helpful home hints for late talkers
  • Hanen it takes two to talk intervention program
  • Hanen more than words intervention program
  • Stammering assessment and therapy
  • Introducing augmentation / alternative communications systems - with Lamh(sign) and visual aids
  • Individually tailored home programs
  • Individually tailored school program
  • Individually tailored preschool program
  • Referral to other health care professionals as appropriate
*Group interventions are dependent on numbers available , with consideration to pair children into groups with similar needs. 

Additional support for parents:

  • Specific coaching during SLT sessions
  • Parental advice on helping children and adolescents with speech/ language/ learning difficulties transition to education placements
  • Teaching and educating parents on empowering strategies to help communication development 
  • Advice regarding necessary onward referrals to other agencies